Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Twittering Away Christmas Eve

While it took me awhile to come around, I am now officially on the Twitter bandwagon as @psubuzz (profile ID shocker, I know). No, Twitter is not the next Facebook... yet, but I wholeheartedly believe that in time, Twitter will play just as large of a role in our every day lives as Facebook does today.

Granted, I am way late in making this proclamation. I admit that I wanted to see whether or not a business model was going to be needed for Twitter to survive its first year. As it has proven, Twitter has not needed to make money to win the hearts and minds of tech pundits, celebrities, and every day people like myself. That said, am I alone in pitying the product manager charged with devising the revenue plan for Twitter in 2009? Do you not think that person's every move will be scrutinize, second-guessed, and then questioned once implemented? Will he or she get a second chance if they fail the first time around?

Anyway, that is someone else's problem to worry about at the moment... for now, I will enjoy following people like @lancearmstrong or @mashable, or people I actually know like @tonyvia or @phayes8. Twitter has become a useful means for me to follow the latest and greatest, as well begin to participate in various conversations. And on this Christmas Eve, I'll have my iPhone in one hand (Twitteriffic running), and some eggnog in the other.

Merry Christmas everyone.