Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Big Apple

Hi there. I'm sitting on the runway at LGA, number #11 for takeoff (we started at 30) and thought I would send in a quick entry to summarize what I did today up here.

I was in town for the OPA editorial day sitting as a part of a round table with CNN,,,,, Martha Stewart, etc. Talking about issues dealing with incorporating video on your web site, how much you should police your user generated content, and how you can structure your company to best deal with advertising products such that they do not disrupt your road map.

All in all, it was an interesting day, and I leave with a few ideas that I can't wait to share with everyone at WeatherBug.

Additionally, I had a chance to meet up with my friend Abby from high school and catch up before I had to fly home.

Now I sit here, wishing I could get home to watch the office, slowly watching the planes ahead of us takeoff. Also, it appears that the row in front of me were on some BET show as they are calling everyone they know as we sit here telling them about it.

Anyway, I'll post my trip pictures tomorrow when I get into the office. For now, typing this on my blackberry is hurting my thumb.


Noa said...

What's up Brad?
Don't tell me anything about "The Office." We're not getting it real time here and I'm gonna have to wait till Season 3 comes out on DVD. Will Jim and Pam ever get together??? Will Oscar's secret come out???

noa said...

Your pics rock.