Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I know, today must be my big movie day... actually, I was just cruising through my RSS feeds and saw that the trailer for the new Harry Potter movie was out.  Check out the trailer by clicking on the link below:

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

From this quick snippet, the movie looks really creepy and just all around awesome.  Can't wait to see it... Check it out in November!

Dan in Real Life

We watched Dan in Real Life last night, courtesy of Netflix, and I have to say that I was genuinely surprised with how great the movie was.  Steve Carell was brilliant, and the movie itself is a great reflection on putting family first, and proving that love will turn up where you least expect it... whether it's in a bait and book shop, or

If you're looking for a movie to relax and watch with your significant other - Check out Dan in Real Life.

Monday, July 28, 2008

A Wii Bit O' Relaxation

Guitar Something
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After a stressful few weeks of wedding preparation, the actual wedding weekend itself, as well as the craziness that was Disney, it was nice to rock out with some friends on Saturday night, though my attempt at Guitar Hero was more "out" than "rock." As you can see from the blur, Ryan was rockin' out a lot more than my feeble attempt.

Guitar Hero is definitely a great game, and it's nice to see that the Wii can pretty much adapt to any game that people want, but I'm starting to wonder how many of their future games will actually use their motion sensing remotes. If you think about some of their more popular games, the Wii remote actually plugs into some sort of an adapter, whether it's a guitar or a steering wheel. At what point does the Wii turn into your average gaming system?

Of course, note that I do not own a Wii and am simply making this observation based on the limited associations I have had with the system. If I am way off base, please share your thoughts as I'm curious to hear what other people think about where they think the Wii is headed.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Try again

First effort only posted the link... Let's try this again.

Testing iPhone upload

My iPhone finally came in! So I'm testing the upload capability while
I'm here at the office. Will take some getting used to the typing with
one finger.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

One Thing After Another

As if it wasn't hard enough to sleep the other night with brazillian kids running up and down the hallway, last night we had a crying baby in that room that must have screamed for four or five hours...

Fun times. Hoping we can work off the fatigue on some water slides.
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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hot and Steamy

After changing hotels from the Caribbean to Coronado Springs things have definitely started to look up. The staff at Coronado is much nicer than the group at the Caribbean and have gone out of their way to help. So, thank you for that.

Yesterday we did the Magic Kingdom and scored two sets of free fast passes that helped us bypass the lines for Space Mountain and Splash Mountain. We only had to wait for the Haunted Mansion which was exciting the an afternoon downpour. Last night we did DisneyQuest after being surrounded by about 20 annoying 10-12 year old girls at dinner.

Side note: there appears to be a girl's dance competition and major contingent from Brazil that have taken over WDW this week.

DQ was pretty fun, despite the fact that I lost my wedding ring for a few nerve wracking minutes. I was lost in focus kicking Lauren's butt at basketball. The kids were all very nice though, knocking me over and jumping in front of the line to play while I was on the ground looking for the ring. Fortunately, we found the ring halfway up the game where it must have slipped off.

Today, we're doing Animal Kingdom and are currently waiting in line for the African Safari where it is super hot and super steamy.

The adventure continues!
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Monday, July 14, 2008

Not So Disney

Little did we know when we last minute booked our trip to Disney this morning that the Caribbean Beach Resort's pool was under construction. Even after we arrived and were checking in was no mention made. It was only after we walked to our room did we notice that the main pool was covered in tarps and under construction.

The whole reason we chose to come here today after our perfect honeymoon to Bermuda was ruined was because we both knew Disney was a no brainer. Their reputation for service and excellence is unquestioned. Yet no one mentioned the pool to us. A key component to our vacation was the sun, whether it be through a beach or pool. Not at the Caribbean.

You would think that they would be more hospitable and allow their guests to use another resort's pool.


So much for coming through. We have called their hotline and have been told that there is nothing they can do. Not even help us change resorts. No, we have been told that our best bet is to complain to our resort, which we will do.

Again, thanks Disney.

Not impressed with my first stay here...
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Disney Ho!

We thought Bertha was going to veer off and not impact our honeymoon plans, but sadly we received a call at 6:30 AM informing us that our flight was indeed canceled. So, what did we do? We called the magic kingdom and are on our way down to spend four days with Mickey and his pals. I haven't been down there since 10th grade and only toured the magic kingdom, so four days of park hopper passes should give us plenty to do and allow for all kinds of fun.

Stay tuned for more as our adventures continue!
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Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Big Day

Speaking of Bermuda... (great segue right?) the big day is finally here. Over a year of planning and a few memorable moments have led to today. And while I'm super excited and hardly slept last night, I cannot wait to officially begin my life with Lauren.

This weekend has been amazing so far, and we still have the ceremony and reception to go!

It's unfortunate that you are truly only surrounded by all your friends and loved ones like this just once in your life. And last night at the rehearsal dinner you definitely feel the love and be reminded of how lucky you really are.

I am lucky to have met someone like Lauren to spend her life with me and lucky to have the family and friends that I do.

To all of you, thank you...
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No Dice

I meant to post yesterday using my Flickr pictures of our wait in line yesterday morning to inform the world that we did not get the iPhone yesterday, but in the craziness of the day did not get the chance. When things settle down and I have an internet connection again I'll upload the photos. Hopefully, by then I will HAVE my iPhone. I guess we'll see.

In any event, I'm disappointed that while we we're probably number 45 or so in line they ran out of units at number 30. So I have no idea how many they had in stock. So much for Apple's impressive launch where everyone who wanted an iphone was supposedly going to get one.

The plan now is to hopefully order one on Sunday when we get back and have it waiting for when we get back from Bermuda.
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Friday, July 11, 2008

Waiting in Line

Well, we rolled up at 7am this morning unsure what to expect in terms of the line here in Rehoboth Beach, DE. Surprisingly, there were already 50 people in front of us and an hour later we have about 60 people behind us. Starbucks in hand, it's actually pretty pleasant out here other than the fact that the sun is brutal. I'll probably get more sun waiting in line than I will on the beach today.

Another hour to go...
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Monday, July 7, 2008

Ocean City

Dusk on the Beach
Originally uploaded by psubuzz

While we take care of a few things for the wedding we're using Ocean City as our base of operations. Amazing how quiet the beach can get after a long holiday weekend.

Having something like this at your fingertips definitely eases the stress associated with the big day.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Wrist GPS

So as a treat to myself for this wedding, I bought myself a Garmin Forerunner 305 to start mapping my trail runs and bike rides. I thought since the weather was so nice yesterday I'd test it out on my neighborhood hill run.

Amazing what they can map.

Check this out.

I am particularly interested in the distance, calories burned, heart rate, and elevation. In any event, it will be fun to post these and keep track of how I progress over time.

Those Were the Days...

I definitely remember making these types of runs with both Bo Jackson and Christian Okoye. It's a shame they don't make video games like this anymore...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Great Shot from Sunday's Game

If you haven't seen this already, it's a great picture of the Barra Brava section from the field. Love #14.

Benny.... Olsen.... Benny... Olsen!!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

United and Beckham Round 2

While the conditions surrounding the game were a little different on Sunday as compared to last year's rain-enhanced match against L.A. Galaxy and David Beckham, the result was the same. DC crushed the Galaxy, beginning with the penalty kick below, finishing out with three other great goals from Emilio and Gallardo.

Emilio continued his torrid scoring pace, rising out of the ashes from the beginning of the season to 2nd place on the goals scored list so far in 2008 with 10.

I have another video which I'll post when I have a faster connection of the great crowd on hand and a special appearance by Beckham in the stands with us - though he was wearing less clothes than he had been earlier on the field.

All in all, the 4-1 finish, the DC summer weather, combined with a Spanish victory in the Euro finale made it out to be a long, but fun day on Sunday. I feel very fortunate that I was still able to get this time in, despite being less than two weeks away from the wedding.