Sunday, June 24, 2007

Game Over

Well the trip is coming to a close. After another late night the crew was up, cleaned out, and on the road by 10am. Safe to say that the drive is MUCH better than the way up.

Now it's time for some food and then an afternoon to catch up on all that has happened over the weekend.

I'll post some pictures where appropriate, emphasizing the word appropriate, when I get home. But I believe the bachelor had a good time with good clean fun...

Saturday, June 23, 2007

6 Hours

The longest day of golf ever finished at 5:15 after teeing off at 11. I think Dan had the best round of the day by far parring quite a few holes and nearly getting himself a Brad chest bump twice only to choke and par instead.

It happens.

In any case we're heading back to the house for what will more than likely be a much tamer night than last night. On the menu for the evening are some ribs, grilled chicken, and some salad. Like I said, tame. So what are the girls up to tonight?

All Accounted For

All Accounted For

After a rough night, the crew has made it up (at 10) and are now on the course here at Wisp. Dan is having the best day so far with Jeff right on his heels. Ahmed is balancing pretty good play with brotherly advice, and Royce just looks good today. Chris and I are driving the boys around offering a tip every now and again and some well timed remarks. I THINK they appreciate our humor, but maybe not?

Day One Comes to a Close

Day One Comes to a Close

A good day was had by all. Many memorable quotes... Quite a few pictures we will more than likely delete... And friendship abound.

Jeff is soundly asleep upstairs, Royce is asleep on the couch, last I saw, dan was still laying on his bed in his bathing suit, and Chris and Ahmed are chatting the night away across the hall... 

I'm definitely bummed that I can't share some of the pictures as they are all priceless in their own way. Soon enough. I have to admit that it is a lot nicer up here than I expected. It's very quiet and everyone we have met is very friendly. I will have to look into Deep Creek again with our friends for a long weekend...

Anyway, this is the latest I have been up in a long time so it is time to call it a night. What will tomorrow hold?

Friday, June 22, 2007

Jeff Makes Some Friends

Six guys ventured out for a nice dinner by the lake. Damn is it cold out! After a few drinks and some tame stories about how Jeff met Katie and all of the wonderful qualities Katie has that he loves it got a little crazy.

I'm not sure if it was the game over T-shirt or the fact that we were congratulating Jeff very loudly on his impending wedding, but it did not take too long for two blonde locals from joining us at the table.

And then their husbands stopped over...

2 hours later Jeff has heard some sage advice: no guys nights out, take out the trash, do the laundry, tell her she looks good in a size 6 even if it is a size 8, and all kinds of things you'd only hear out in deep creek Md.

The pictures will tell it all, but it is safe to say we will see our friends tomorrow...

Until then....

No internet means no pictures...

Sorry ladies, no internet access this weekend which of course means NO pictures! I'll do my best to Blog from the cell phone. Tedious.

In any case we're here and the place is sweet! Not sure how much Jeff knew ahead of time but he seems genuinely happy which is what is important.

It is quiet, the weather is cool, and we have the makings of a good weekend... Oh, and the beer is cold!

More later...

Traffic part deux

Traffic part deux

So.... After finally passing what appeared to be a chicken coop in a truck on the side of the road we finally started moving again. For all of 45 mins. We have the good fortune of driving on 68 when it is shut down to one lane for road work. So... 3.5 hours later... Still another hour to go.


Ugh. My biggest fears were realized. We didn't hit the road until 2 and have been stuck in traffic for 2 hours. We're a mile from Hagerstown with another two hours to go.

Jeff has been a good sport so far. We're sure he knows where we are going but he's playing along anyway.

What's New?

I hadn't realized that it's been a solid month since I've actually had time to log on and blog about what's happening... My apologies to all 2 of you who actually read this to keep up on our lives around here.

Between one of the busiest and exciting months we've had at WeatherBug in years, the beginning of wedding planning, moving roommates in and out, and planning my buddy's bachelor party it's been almost too much. But somehow, we find a way to put our head down and keep moving, which in this case is what the mantra has been.

We're only a few weeks away from me being able to talk more about what's happening at the Bug, and once revealed, you'll have a better understanding of what has been keeping me busy night and day and weekends... But until then...

Anyway, today is the beginning of Jeff's bachelor party. Seen here.

For those of you following at home this weekend, depending on air card availability, I will do my best to document the weekend and keep you posted...

I just can't guarantee it won't be censored... ;)