Saturday, October 27, 2007

Halftime 17-7

Halftime 17-7

Seems like the only way our defense can stop the Buckeyes is the clock running out for the half. It's a very rare that our offense is not giving away the game and our defense is not holding up.

JoePa better light a fire under their ass in the locker room to get them ready to play in the second half. The stadium is just waiting for something to go nuts on... I hope we get that in the 3rd quarter...

Until then... We are...

After One

After One

Defense has been hard to find so far... After each team had 2 possessions in the first quarter, OSU leads Penn State 10-7 after one.

That's What I'm Talking About

That's What I'm Talking About

7-3 after a possession from each squad. 7-3 Penn State that is...

The stadium is rocking and this promises to be a game to remember.

Game On Son

Game On Son

It's 30 minutes from kickoff and we are fighting our way through the crowd to get in.

So far the day has seen higher seeded south Florida, Kentucky, and Florida go down. Based on the crowd I have seen so far today, Ohio state will be no different.

Penn State 20
Ohio State 17

Game on son... We're ready.

We decide the snap count.

Monday, October 22, 2007



What's the deal with more and more people these days carrying on their private conversations on speakerphone? I really don't want to hear what Tito had for breakfast or why your daughter needs you to run to CVS. They make an earpiece so you can hold it up to your ear. Spare us the annoyance and use it please.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Unnecessary Nail Biter

Unnecessary Nail Biter

Unbelievable. As has been the case in the previous games when it looked like the Skins had it nicely sewn up, the game came down to the final play. After staking a 21-6 lead we let Arizona climb back into it after they scored the tying TD with 45 seconds left to go. However, the D came up big shutting the AZ O down on the 2 point conversion.

You'd think that was it... Which we did as we headed for the exit with the other thousands who assumed it was over. Yet, my cell phone was buzzing and the people around us were screaming as Arizona recovered the onside kickoff and lined up for a game winning, 55 yard field goal. So Phill and I huddled around a TV in the concourse and watched Rackers push the kick left. A nail biter indeed.

Redskins 21
Arizona 19

Next week: New England, 49-28 winners today. Brady had 6 TDs and is well on his way to breaking the TD record set by Manning a few years ago.

Should be an interesting game next Sunday. For now, I'll take the 4-2 record.

4th Quarter

After three quarters, the Skins lead 21-6 thanks to a short run from Portis. My Portis FFL stats at this point read 35 yards rushing and 2 TDs for 15 points. Thank god they are giving him the ball near the goal line...

Btw, can you believe Brady has 5 TDs already against Miami? Talk about a FFL dream...

At the Half

After it looked like the Redskins were poised to go into the half up 21-0 or at the minimum 17-0 Campbell turned the ball over which led to an eventual touchdown. The one bright spot on that unfortunate turn of events was that the extra point was blocked. Thus, at the end of the first half, the Skins are up 14-6.

But seriously, the sun is hot for October. This is ridiculous.

At the End of One

Thanks to a fortuitous interception (courtesy of Kurt Warner), the Redskins took 11 plays to punch it in the end zone for a 7-0 lead. I think I'm coming home with a sunburn...

Game Day

Beautiful day for football... Skins vs. the Cards.

The skins are 8 point favorites here with the Cardinals starting Warner despite the injury last week. That being said, the Skins are missing almost their entire offensive line... So we'll see...

There is supposedly a sold out stadium here today, though looking around it looks like a lot of people are choosing to pass up this amazing day to spend it somewhere else.


No I'm not seeing any. Last night Lauren and I went to the 930 Club to see the Canadian darlings, Stars. The place was sold out and a far contrast to what we saw on Tuesday for the Maroon 5 show at Verizon.

After navigating our way through a slightly frightening Howard University homecoming night, we arrived with enough time to grab a beer and catch up with some friends before the start of the show. Stars led off with their heart thumping instrumental from their new album, In the Bedroom After the War, and quickly transitioned into a few of their new songs. Despite the push to promote the new album, they played the songs that made me really take interest in them 2 years ago... Elevator Love Letter, Calender Girl, and of course Your Ex-Lover is Dead.

Safe to say their voices were amazing and the show was just as amazing.

When I get a second I'll try and grab some pics from Flickr from the show since I forgot yet again to take my camera.

Someone took a great series of photos from the show... click here for a closer look.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Maroon 5 at Verizon Center

Maroon 5
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Last night Jeff, Katie, Lauren and I went to the Maroon 5 concert at the Verizon Center. A concert that was probably 4 to 1 girls to guys with all guys there either on dates, engaged, married, or the fathers of 13 year olds.

Looking around the audience, it was definitely a mixed crowd of 30 somethings out on girls night out, parents with their junior high kids, young couples, old couples, you name it. While the music was great, the lines for drinks were ridiculous with one line taking Jeff and I a good 25 minutes for a very strong mixed drink.

Since I forgot my camera last night, I had to borrow this photo from "MeetJustin" on Flickr, but it's a pretty good representation of what we saw from our seats in Section 102.

Besides a great show, the other highlight of the evening was dinner at Zengo a Latin-Asian fusion restaurant next door to the Verizon Center. While the food was a little pricey, it was EXTREMELY tasty and I definitely recommend it to anyone who is down in that part of town looking for something new.

All in all, a great night... though a very late night...

Monday, October 15, 2007

Quiet on Campus

Old Main in the Morning
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Amazing how quiet the campus can be on a Sunday morning... a mere 6 hours after most students had called it a night...

Funny when you think that this exact space can be jammed wall to wall people on a nice spring day and here you have it... completely empty.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Another New #1

Another New #1

With LSU losing, who will take over the number one spot this week? Seems like a curse doesn't it?

Will it be Ohio State? Cal? South Florida? Wow... Wouldn't that be something?

Bend But Don't Break

Bend But Don't Break

A great defensive philosophy that seems to have shut down the Badger offense. After a quick score in the first quarter, the Lion defense has quietly pitched a shutout the rest of the game.

Did I Say Close?

Did I Say Close?

When we play aggressive from start to finish it's a completely different team... 31-7 with 11 to go in the 3rd.

A Little VA Magic

Always good when the hometown boy, Evan Royster, runs it in from 22 yards out on 4th and 1. The boy carried westfield to a state championship 2 years ago, it's time for him to get more involved in our offense.


Always a good sign when you have 0 turnovers and the opponent has 2 and you have scored 2 TDs off of both of them.

A good day for sure.

10-7 After One

10-7 After One

After one frame Penn State has a 3 point advantage. So far, the offense seems to be more organized than in previous games with the coordinator calling relatively easy pass plays for Morelli. If only quarless would hold on to the ball.

We'll see, but I think my prediction of a tight game is on track...

Great start

Not only are our seats on the 40, 24 rows behind the Wisconsin bench, you gotta love when a team that desperately needs a gift to get one and take advantage of it.

First play of the game, Wisconsin fumbles and Penn State scores 3 plays later for a 7-0 lead.


Perfect Day

It doesn't get any better than this for football... It's about 60 degrees, sunny, and a slight fall breeze. A perfect day for an upset.

Tailgaters out in full force

Our quiet little spot (with the exception of Jeff)

Homecoming Love

Game Day

Game Day

The day of the Penn State-Wisconsin game has arrived and the day finds Lauren and I in State College with Jeff and Katie to witness what should be a tight game. After two Big Ten losses Penn State is unranked while Wisconsin has dropped to 19 after losing to Illinois last week. Most of the pundits are picking the lions to lose this game but having been here in person for these late afternoon games when the lights come on and the crowd screams, I think we'll pull it out 24-17.

5 hours will mark the start... And 8 hours from now we'll know who comes out on top.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007



Yet another week passes and I am ashamed to touch on the performance of my Nittany Lions. Fortunately, we were not able to watch the game since we were on our way to meet the priest who will be performing our wedding mass at his parish up in Wilmington, DE. But try driving up 95 on a saturday when your team is losing and you are an hour late. It was a pleasant ride to say the least.

Anyway, Penn state choked it away again blowing countless opportunities to take the lead. I'm not sure what changes need to be made as I have been out of the loop, but as a fan, the season was over for me after the first loss, even though this past weekend opened the door for a potential one loss team making the national championship game. What a crazy NCAA weekend it was....

However, the sporting weekend was salvaged with a strong DC United win on saturday night over the hurting kids from Toronto and a dominant performance from my two fantasy football teams Socks but no Drawers and Live Action. My 2 wins this weekend put me in a solid position at 2-2 after 4 weeks.