Monday, January 8, 2007

Some Time Off

"Time off" could mean one of many things, but for the most part, some time off is tied to the time off that I took from blogging and from work over the past few weeks. I was fortunate enough to take off from Christmas through January 3. I particularly enjoyed taking the first few days of January off as it gave me some time to relax AFTER all of the holiday craziness. Those two days were just pure, relaxing, time off. I was able to dig out my bike and go for the first ride in many, many months, play Xbox, organize some music, and attack things around the house that have been calling my name for quite some time.

So what did I do over my Winter Break (as I call it)? This is a list of all of my accomplishments during the time period:

  1. Experienced Christmas dinner with Lauren and her family
  2. Completed my Christmas shopping
  3. Blogged a little bit
  4. Watched a Capitals game
  5. Watched a Wizards game
  6. Bowled a 202 (en route to a 469 series or 156 average)
  7. Paid $365 for Toyota to replace my brake pads
  8. Get more familiar with the Xbox 360
  9. Write a little bit

A list I'm definitely proud of, and part of the reason why I was able to return to work last Thursday completely refreshed, motivated, and happy. While it would have been kind of nice to go somewhere for New Year's, it was just as nice to not have to worry about traveling somewhere. Of course, everyone and their mother asked me when I returned where I went for my break, and all were shocked that I didn't use the time off to go somewhere, but there is something to not doing ANYTHING.

That being said... I hope to plan some trips this spring, summer, and fall... Stay tuned for the "Planning of the Mancation" series which should be starting soon.


Anonymous said...

Do not lie... how many times did you check work emails???
;-) see you soon buddy. Be careful what you write here, I am watching you.

B-rad said...

Believe it or not, I didn't check work emails as much as people might believe. It truly was time off. And I'm glad you're watching me... that's the purpose of this place, right! You should create a blog yourself some day!