Sunday, September 9, 2007


After a sluggish start and two turnovers on our first two possessions (one which was returned for a TD), Penn State was able to pull away, led by a very strong defensive performance. Personally, my biggest takeaways from seeing my first game on TV this year are:

  1. Our defense is going to be pretty beast
  2. Our offensive line needs a little work
  3. Morelli has to work on his decision making skills
  4. D Wheels has earned that nickname for a reason... he is so fast
  5. Our stadium and fans are #1 in the country - check out this whiteout

After two weeks, our campaign for "the season" is still in tact... Next week, we've got another warm-up game against Buffalo (who actually thumped Temple good yesterday) before heading up to the Big House to face what could potentially be an 0-3 Michigan team... Who would have thunk?

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