Sunday, October 21, 2007


No I'm not seeing any. Last night Lauren and I went to the 930 Club to see the Canadian darlings, Stars. The place was sold out and a far contrast to what we saw on Tuesday for the Maroon 5 show at Verizon.

After navigating our way through a slightly frightening Howard University homecoming night, we arrived with enough time to grab a beer and catch up with some friends before the start of the show. Stars led off with their heart thumping instrumental from their new album, In the Bedroom After the War, and quickly transitioned into a few of their new songs. Despite the push to promote the new album, they played the songs that made me really take interest in them 2 years ago... Elevator Love Letter, Calender Girl, and of course Your Ex-Lover is Dead.

Safe to say their voices were amazing and the show was just as amazing.

When I get a second I'll try and grab some pics from Flickr from the show since I forgot yet again to take my camera.

Someone took a great series of photos from the show... click here for a closer look.

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