Sunday, October 21, 2007

Unnecessary Nail Biter

Unnecessary Nail Biter

Unbelievable. As has been the case in the previous games when it looked like the Skins had it nicely sewn up, the game came down to the final play. After staking a 21-6 lead we let Arizona climb back into it after they scored the tying TD with 45 seconds left to go. However, the D came up big shutting the AZ O down on the 2 point conversion.

You'd think that was it... Which we did as we headed for the exit with the other thousands who assumed it was over. Yet, my cell phone was buzzing and the people around us were screaming as Arizona recovered the onside kickoff and lined up for a game winning, 55 yard field goal. So Phill and I huddled around a TV in the concourse and watched Rackers push the kick left. A nail biter indeed.

Redskins 21
Arizona 19

Next week: New England, 49-28 winners today. Brady had 6 TDs and is well on his way to breaking the TD record set by Manning a few years ago.

Should be an interesting game next Sunday. For now, I'll take the 4-2 record.

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