Friday, November 30, 2007

Favre Goes Down

I'm not sure how many of you actually keep up on games in the NFL, but if you were able to stay up last night, and get the NFL Network, you were treated to a great Thursday night game that featured two 10-1 teams in the NFC facing off in the Big D. Unfortunately, as luck would have it, my star QB on my work FFL league, Brett Favre, went down with an injury in the first quarter, leaving me with -2 for his efforts and an FFL team without a stud entering the playoffs next weekend. The story should be that the Packers lost 37-27 even though their 2nd string, Aaron Rodgers played very well considering, but in reality, the story is that after building an 9-3 start to my season, my ability to make it to the money round of the playoffs is in jeopardy.

A big weekend is ahead as my survival in the big money league is going to be determined by my ability to beat my own brother, and the lack of points from Favre will impact my playoff position in the work league.

Stay tuned...

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