Thursday, February 7, 2008

The BlackBerry Saga

As some of you know, I have been jonesin' for a new blackberry for a few months now because: 1) this one is getting old and is much thicker than the new ones, 2) I want a phone with a camera so I can be cool, 3) I want to photo blog from my phone, and 4) everyone else has one.

Well, my anniversary date is February 22nd and I've tried everything I can think of at the Verizon store to get them to move it up without a fee and nothing has worked. When I say the phone doesn't work they give me a new one, when I say I'm spending a lot of money with them they don't care. I've even gone as far as to say that I am personally responsible for building the weather content on their phones, and they think that is cool, their standard response is, "call customer service."

But, the more that I think about it, the more I am inclined to switch carriers all together and go with someone that has the Curve so that I get the full keyboard AND has a camera. I'm not totally set to go this way, but as I am experiencing with Comcast (more on that in a forthcoming post), it may be time to move away from the incumbant. And no, this is not going to spiral into a political post as I am kind of getting sick of all of the primary coverage... Which by the way, thought it was interesting to hear this morning that the Chesapeake region (Maryland, DC, and Virginia) is a battleground area for Obama and Clinton. Our little area is finally politically relevant. Funny. But I digress...

Just in typing this alone, I had to spell Virginia 10 different times to get this small keyboard to figure out what I was typing so maybe it IS time for a switch... Though sources are saying that Verizon will be releasing a curve lookalike in the next few months... Should I wait? What do you think? Just think of all of the fun pictures you'll get once I have a camera on my phone!


SW said...

B-rad, why not consider the iPhone? just curious, if you compared blackberry v iphone.

B-Rad said...

Thanks for the comment SW. I've definitely thought about it, particularly since I hate the idea of being locked into another contract... but with as much as I use my BB for email, after playing around with my brother's iPhone, I don't know how easy it would be to type out long emails with one finger. I'm also a little hestitant to switch to AT&T's network given all of the complaints I've heard about it in this area. That being said, I'm definitely weighing my options more carefully than I was a few months ago when I was totally psyched about the Pearl.