Friday, March 21, 2008

Tournament Time

For some reason this Thursday and Friday haven't felt the same as they have in past years. Not sure if it's the fact that not as many of the peeps are able to take the time off, or if it's watching it in the living room versus the "cave" of a few years ago, but it has lacked the excitement of previous years. I am sure this so-so feeling is a combination of the factors mentioned above, and changing priorities, a lackluster day one of the tournament, and a few other life changing events over the past few months... In any event, it feels like a little bit of the magic, or "madness" if you will, has disappeared for the moment. Honestly, up until Davidson's win over Gonzaga, and W. Kentucky's win over Drake, I was more interested in doing some spring cleaning than watching hoops.

Side note: how in the world is W. Kentucky beating Drake an upset? Since when did Drake earn the right to be "upset?" Makes no sense to me.

Anyway, Georgetown advances, and of my NCAA draft team (see below), only one guy (from Kent St.) has been eliminated in the first round... Could mean big things for Team B-rad...

Team B-rad
Josh Shipp - UCLA
Darrell Arthur - Kansas
Stephen Curry - Davidson
David Padgett - Louisville
Connor Atchley - Texas
Wayne Chism - Tennessee
Lazar Hayward - Marquette
Keaton Grant - Purdue
Kyle Weaver - WSU
Al Fisher - Kent St.
Keith Benjamin - Pittsburgh
James Mays - Clemson

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