Saturday, June 28, 2008

Two Weeks Away

That's right... after a year of planning, a few arguments, many memorable moments, and a  little bit of stress, the big day is only 14 days from today.  In fact, 14 days from this very moment the wedding and reception will be over, and we'll be officially man and wife.  It's been an interesting 13 months, but it's been a great 13 months, and in a few weeks, I'll have even more stories to share.  However, do not be surprised if the posts get to be rather sparse as things get a little crazy here in the final stretch.  I'll do my best, but won't make any promises. 

On another subject, tomorrow is the big Galaxy-United game at noon, serving as game 1 of a two game doubleheader on ABC, with game 2 being the Germany-Spain Euro finale.  I'll be at the first one and will be hauling tukass to get to a friend's house for game 2.

Stay tuned.

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