Monday, July 28, 2008

A Wii Bit O' Relaxation

Guitar Something
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After a stressful few weeks of wedding preparation, the actual wedding weekend itself, as well as the craziness that was Disney, it was nice to rock out with some friends on Saturday night, though my attempt at Guitar Hero was more "out" than "rock." As you can see from the blur, Ryan was rockin' out a lot more than my feeble attempt.

Guitar Hero is definitely a great game, and it's nice to see that the Wii can pretty much adapt to any game that people want, but I'm starting to wonder how many of their future games will actually use their motion sensing remotes. If you think about some of their more popular games, the Wii remote actually plugs into some sort of an adapter, whether it's a guitar or a steering wheel. At what point does the Wii turn into your average gaming system?

Of course, note that I do not own a Wii and am simply making this observation based on the limited associations I have had with the system. If I am way off base, please share your thoughts as I'm curious to hear what other people think about where they think the Wii is headed.

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