Sunday, August 3, 2008

New Dog!!!

Napping with Mom
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Lauren and I have been wanting a dog for a long time, but had been waiting for the wedding craziness to pass before thinking about a dog. Well, about a week ago, we searched the area for any kind of poodle or hybrid that would alleviate any allergy concerns that might arise. Unfortunately, there were no potential options, so we turned to an online shelter based in Missouri.

Fortunately, we found Match...

You can see the follow along with us and Match moving forward by clicking on this link to see Match's album...

Match is a Goldendoodle though we are unsure which is the dominant gene at this point. My hope is that it's the poodle so that the shedding is minimal. The beauty of the goldendoodle (besides it's look) is the combination of smarts and athletic ability, not that she'll be competing for us some day, but there is that potential...

Anyway, we're thrilled to have this new member join our family.

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