Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fun Surprises

The fun part of being a homeowner now is that we'll learn so much about our new house. Some things may take us a few years to learn, and some you learn the first time you decide to move the mirror in your bathroom.

I guess the previous owner did not like her medicine cabinet... so it's just one more thing to add to the now long list of home improvement projects.


sissyphus said...

Oooooooh. That's painful. Sorry to hear that, Brad. :(

I am, however, happy to hear that you found a new house! But, I thought you already bought one before the wedding?


Congrats to you + your wife!

B-Rad said...

Thanks! We've been renting the house we're in now for the past four and a half years. Just closed on our first house together last Friday. Now come the joys of home ownership...