Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Buggin' Holiday Decorations

Tomorrow a cross-functional team will judge the 2006 WeatherBug holiday decorations contest. Instead of competing against the departments as an individual, we poached two Marketing team members and the Product group embarked on a "Blue Collar" Christmas theme. We weighed different options... like PC Christmas, the wrong holiday, corporate Christmas, the Office Christmas, etc. I think we made a pretty good choice, though the Marketing team has thrown their best efforts against us, though on the other complete end of the spectrum.

Below are shots of our team decorating tonight, and I'll let you know how the judging goes tomorrow.

Here's a shot of Mike hanging the beginning of the icicle lights that stretch across all of the cubes on our row.

The group didn't think I could fit a tube sock on my head. I proved them wrong and probably did some brain damage in the process.

Here's a shot down our aisle as the team began hanging our "decorations" from the ceiling.

Our Christmas tree.

Here's the group at the end of the night posing in front of our tree.

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Slyman World said...

who has the cheesiest smile of this group? that's right - B-rad. Oh well, he's a happy boy.