Monday, December 18, 2006

Fantasy Football, Week 15, The Semis

With the end of the NFL season rapidly approaching, it can only mean that fantasy football owners are either sitting at home on Sundays, bemoaning the fact that they no longer have an interest in any game but their home team, OR, if you're like me, you're sweating out every single game that is on in hopes that you can last one more week.

That's right, Young Action is currently in the Aboriginal Football League semi-finals, playing The Lost Tribe. This will be 3 years out of 4 that one team from the Clark family has made it to the semis, with the teams advancing to the Super Bowl in each instance as well. In addition to Young Action's hopes of champagne dreams, The Menominee Eagles (Aurene's team) is on the other side of the bracket battling Crunk and Juice for her chance to play for the AFL crown as well.

So far both of us sit ahead in our matchups, with Aurene holding a 15 point advantage with one player remaining, while her opponent also has one player remaining tonight. Aurene places her hopes on the outspoken, but prolific scorer, Chad Johnson, while Crunk can only hope for a big night from Johnson's chief competitor for receiver of the year, Marvin Harrison.

Meanwhile, in the game that really matters, I cling to a 33 point advantage, done for the week while my opponent has the other big Colts receiver, Reggie Wayne left to play. Having done my research, Wayne has had ONE game this season where he scored 3 TDs and had over 100 yards for a total of THIRTY-THREE points, but outside of that freak occurrence, he has averaged in the pedestrian range of 15/game.

Stay tuned for the results of these intriguing match-ups as there is a good chance that it could be an All-Clark AFL Super Bowl.

See how we've fared thus far this week...

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