Sunday, December 17, 2006

Night of Decorations

As I promised earlier, I took a picture of my decorations at night to show you my handiwork. Unfortunately, without so many bushes, there is not a lot to hang lights on. Sadly, the front window is not really even long enough to hang the icicle lights properly. It's almost as if the icicles are melting on the left side of the window...

Here's a shot of my dad placing the star on the Christmas tree. Tonight, Steve, Aurene and I went down to the rent's house to decorate the tree.

Here's a shot of the completed tree. I'm still trying to find the best way to take a picture with lights in it and not ruin it. If you take the picture with the flash it doesn't come out right, and as you can see, without the flash, the decorations are really highlighted, but the lights are kind of blurry.

It's almost like an image straight from "T'was the Night Before Christmas" with our stockings all hung with care. Each one of the stockings, except for my mom and dad's, were made when each family member joined the family. Thus, my mom made my stocking while she was in the hospital, and Aurene got her stocking after she and Steve got married.

My mom surprised us by digging out all of our old Christmas decorations that we made while we were in elementary school. Most of these works of art are mine, and each comes with the grade I received, the grade I made it, and what year it was. Some were A's, and some were B+'s. I'm not entirely sure how you can give a kid in 2nd grade a B+ on something as magnificent as what you behold here... I guess some people just don't appreciate true talent.

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