Sunday, December 17, 2006

Man vs. Wild

I have to blog at least once about my favorite show on TV right now... Man vs. Wild, found on the Discovery Channel every Friday night at 9. Bear Grylls has got to be my hero. The man has put himself in so many challenging situations, in so many different parts of the world... it's just unbelievable.

This past week, Bear parachuted down into the African Savanna in Kenya and made his way from the desert floor up to a glacier (as Bear would pronounce, GLAY-see-er) mountain. On his way he encountered snakes, rhino, hippos, lions, and elephants. In one situation, he even had to suck some elephant dung for water. Of course he found a stream about an hour later, which was pretty funny.

Anyway, if you haven't set your TiVo for this show, you need to... It's easily the best show on right now... AND it's educational.

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