Sunday, February 25, 2007

Tearful Goodbye

Well the time has come for us to say goodbye to our family and hope that we can see each other sooner than the last time we separated. As we left the Tanner's house the overwhelming message was that I was lucky to have found Lauren (which I already knew) and that they wanted to be kept abreast of any developments (which I will). I was happy to see everyone welcome her as much as they welcomed me. If I have come away with anything from this trip, it is that no matter how much time passes, and how much distance separates you, your family is your family and they will welcome you and love you no matter what.

So, as Hot Springs Village fades away in the background I promise you all that we will do a better job staying in touch and make an effort to get together with everyone again soon. And to my grandmother, I wish you a happy 95th birthday and hope that I was lucky enough to inherit your genes. If I am even half as sharp and active as you are, and live the life that you have led, I will be truly blessed.

Now, if we can just get back to DC with the frozen mix affecting the area as I type this. If not, I might have some time in Memphis to upload some photos on a high speed connection. We shall see...

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