Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hot and Steamy

After changing hotels from the Caribbean to Coronado Springs things have definitely started to look up. The staff at Coronado is much nicer than the group at the Caribbean and have gone out of their way to help. So, thank you for that.

Yesterday we did the Magic Kingdom and scored two sets of free fast passes that helped us bypass the lines for Space Mountain and Splash Mountain. We only had to wait for the Haunted Mansion which was exciting the an afternoon downpour. Last night we did DisneyQuest after being surrounded by about 20 annoying 10-12 year old girls at dinner.

Side note: there appears to be a girl's dance competition and major contingent from Brazil that have taken over WDW this week.

DQ was pretty fun, despite the fact that I lost my wedding ring for a few nerve wracking minutes. I was lost in focus kicking Lauren's butt at basketball. The kids were all very nice though, knocking me over and jumping in front of the line to play while I was on the ground looking for the ring. Fortunately, we found the ring halfway up the game where it must have slipped off.

Today, we're doing Animal Kingdom and are currently waiting in line for the African Safari where it is super hot and super steamy.

The adventure continues!
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