Monday, July 14, 2008

Not So Disney

Little did we know when we last minute booked our trip to Disney this morning that the Caribbean Beach Resort's pool was under construction. Even after we arrived and were checking in was no mention made. It was only after we walked to our room did we notice that the main pool was covered in tarps and under construction.

The whole reason we chose to come here today after our perfect honeymoon to Bermuda was ruined was because we both knew Disney was a no brainer. Their reputation for service and excellence is unquestioned. Yet no one mentioned the pool to us. A key component to our vacation was the sun, whether it be through a beach or pool. Not at the Caribbean.

You would think that they would be more hospitable and allow their guests to use another resort's pool.


So much for coming through. We have called their hotline and have been told that there is nothing they can do. Not even help us change resorts. No, we have been told that our best bet is to complain to our resort, which we will do.

Again, thanks Disney.

Not impressed with my first stay here...
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