Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Aftermath

Sadly, it never amounts to much around here. Without fail, talk of inches and massive amounts of snow end up with either rain, sleet, or freezing rain. In this instance, what was discussed as potentially "feet" of snow amounted to 4 inches of sleet. I will have to take some pictures so that those of you outside of the area can see what I'm talking about (though now it just looks like a frozen mess), but it is all very unimpressive.

Things I have learned though:

  1. Driving on fresh sleet is like driving on sand, except colder
  2. If you don't move your car while it is soft, it WILL ice the car in (right Lauren?)
  3. I apparently live on an important street because it was plowed pretty quickly
  4. Steve and Aurene do not live on as important of a street since it has not been plowed yet
  5. The City of Alexandria is pretty bad ass when it comes to school closings... In the 5+ years that I have lived in the area, I have seen them close maybe a handful of times. They did close yesterday, but while everyone else was closed today, they opened 2 hours late.
  6. Plowing on interstates leads to blocked on ramps and off ramps which equal bad news for everyone involved.
  7. BMWs do NOT do very well in the snow. I passed three of them yesterday on I-270 heading into work that were stuck trying to get on to the highway (see #6)
  8. I do not have the appropriate tools to deal with ice on our driveway (see impact of #8 on #2)
  9. If someone suggests using kitty litter to address #2 one more time, I will explode. I do not have a cat! Who has kitty litter handy if they do not have a cat?!?

Anyway, with the passage of the storm, it has now gotten pretty darn cold outside. Should make for a fun time trying to rectify #2 this evening. :)

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