Saturday, February 24, 2007

No Internet!

Sadly, with as remote as Hot Springs Village is from Little Rock there is hardly a signal for the Verizon air card, and none of the neighbors have a connection for us to tap into. So, that means no pictures until tomorrow.

On another note, the weather down here is ferocious with the entire area under a tornado watch until later this afternoon. The rain has been coming down in buckets since the wee hours of the night which made sleep difficult.

Last night was a lot of fun reuniting with family that I had not seen in 13 years and others where only 5 years has passed. It seems sad that it has been so long, but it was nice to see that despite the passing time, the feeling of family is still very strong. AND, at 95, my grandmother is still as sharp as a tack which should make her reception today that much more fun!

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